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Tillerson seeks to show ‘America First’ isn’t America alone

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — As President Donald Trump declared that “America First does not mean America alone” at a global economic forum in Switzerland, his top diplomat was on a European trip of his own, trying to convince skeptical allies that the oft-repeated phrase is more than just lip service. Yet a year into Trump’s

Relations between Trump, global elites seem to thaw at Davos

Relations between Trump, global elites seem to thaw at Davos DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Snow was piled high outside, but inside the Davos summit, relations between President Donald Trump and the assembled global elites seemed to thaw. Before Trump’s debut appearance at the World Economic Forum, critics speculated that the president would function as a

FINALLY! Trump Closing Gates On Refugees This Week

FINALLY! Trump Closing Gates On Refugees This Week Trump guaranteed to radically cut the quantity of outcasts coming into the nation, and he is currently conveying. He will concentrate on supporting the subjects of this nation as opposed to going up against a great many extra mouths to sustain. President Trump is relied upon to

Trump extending Asia trip to attend East Asian Summit

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is extending his trip to Asia by another day to attend the East Asian Summit. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirms the president will be spending an extra day in the Philippines to accommodate the annual event on Nov. 14.     Trump had been criticized by

Protester Throws Russian Flags at Trump Inside Capitol

A screaming protester lobbed several small Russian flags at President Donald Trump on Tuesday as he walked into a lunch with Senate Republicans inside the U.S. Capitol. Trump was entering the lunch when a man who was standing with the media, posing as a journalist, tossed the flags at Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch