Robert F. Kennedy Foundation Lauds Colin Kaepernick for Social Justice Activism

Colin Kaepernick has made very few public appearances since walking out on his contract in San Francisco nearly a year ago.


However, the former 49er and anthem-protester seems to have recently found a cause worth making an appearance for: receiving praise from the left’s cultural elites.

On Wednesday night, Alec Baldwin hosted the The Ripple of Hope Awards dinner in New York City. The event featured dozens of different dozens of CEO’s and elites from the world of entertainment, technology, and business. Yet all the attendees at the event sponsored by the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation had but one purpose: to honor the humanitarian work of activists Colin Kaepernick and Harry Belafonte.

Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, lauded Kaepernick and his protests. “I think that he has focused our country on racism in the criminal justice system and that is very important, and I am eternally grateful to him for that,” Kennedy said.


Actor and activist Danny Glover, also had words of praise for the founder of the anthem protest movement. “I admire him greatly. He’s in the tradition of Muhammad Ali and in the tradition of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and all of those athletes who stood up for justice,” Glover said.

The evening’s entertainment, Usher Raymond, painted Kaepernick’s cause, and the NFL, in less festive terms.

“Turn your TV off, turn your f—ing TV off. When you have a chance to not watch the NFL then don’t f—ing watch it. Don’t say that you f—ing support [Kaepernick] but you turn your TV on every Saturday and Sunday whenever there is a game.”

It appears liberals and conservatives agree on something after all.