Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is dumped by his long-term popstar girlfriend just two days after his car crash ‘because he partied with models in Argentina’

Man City striker Sergio Aguero, who fractured a rib following a late night car crash in Amsterdam, suffered a double blow after being dumped by his long-term girlfriend.

Popular Argentinian singer Karina Tejeda, 31, called off her five-year relationship with the Argentinian forward in news that was widely reported in the couple’s homeland.

And following Aguero’s brush with death, where the Chrysler he was in careered into a pylon leaving him facing two months on the sidelines, the £35 million striker, 29, has been trying to woo back his ex over social media.


Karina, nicknamed The Little Princess in her native Argentina, only found out about Aguero’s taxi crash from an Argentinian TV reporter.

But Karina appeared blasé when told about the Amsterdam accident on Thursday outside a Buenos Aires cinema where she had been performing, telling the reporter: ‘Really!’ and claiming: ‘I’m finding out through you, I didn’t know’ before adding with an odd shrug of her shoulders: ‘Oh well!’


She also insisted she had not seen Aguero’s Instagram likes, claiming she never looked at the messages she received when she posted photos on social media.

Rumours of problems between Aguero and his girlfriend began to surface in Argentina at the end of August.

The celeb couple, who appeared a picture of happiness at Lionel Messi’s wedding to Antonela Rocuzzo at the end of June, were said to have drifted apart because of their busy careers which keep them thousands of miles apart most of the time.

There were also unconfirmed reports Aguero had enraged his girlfriend by attending a private party with his teammates and several models during a brief return to Argentina ahead of an international.

Karina went on a well-watched programme in her homeland recently to insist she had ‘nothing to say’ about the news she had split from Aguero.

Asked by the presenter if she wanted to respond, she said: ‘From the beginning I didn’t say anything really and I feel good about doing that.

‘Today I don’t want to say anything either.’

She added: ‘As far as he goes, I have a lot of respect for him and I’m not going to broach the subject here or anywhere else. I’ve got nothing bad to say and no ill-feeling. The truth is I’m feeling very good.’

Quizzed on whether as a ‘recently-separated woman’ she had the energy to have some fun after a concert or was still ‘grieving’ over her split, she joked: ‘Irrespective of whether I’m happy or down, everyone who works with me knows I’m an old woman who never leaves her room.

‘Whether I’m with someone or not, I’m not the sort of person who likes going out a lot. I love being alone. I’m pretty boring.’

At no time during the interview, in which she was given several opportunities to refute the reports about her break-up from the Man City striker, did she deny they were no longer a couple.

Days later she left a message on one of her social media accounts she later removed which said: ‘Although you try some days, you end up wanting to slit your wrists.’

Sergio and Karina were due to celebrate five years together in January.

Aguero started dating the singer after an ugly separation from football legend Diego Maradona’s daughter Gianinna.


Earlier this year it emerged Aguero had acted as a peacemaker after a row between the singer and Gianinna, mother to his eight-year-old son Benjamin, went public.

The youngster was said to have been insulted by Karina’s schoolgirl daughter from a previous relationship, Sol.

Karina got into an ugly spat with Gianinna on Twitter, saying: ‘If you’ve got something to say about my daughter ring me and tell me

‘I can put up with you trying to make me look bad but don’t take it out on my daughter.’

Aguero, who has scored seven goals in eight games this season, was hurt when the taxi driver taking him back to the airport after a concert he attended in the Dutch capital on a day off lost control on a bend and hit a lamp-post.

Source : Daily Mail