Do You Think That President Trump Should Cut off Government Assistance and Welfare for Illegal Immigrants?

US President Donald Trump is aware that practically all of hard-working Americans, mainly middle-class American workers are completely and utterly fed up with all kinds of illegal immigrants crossing the border straight into the American soil and leeching off welfare.

Not just welfare, to be precise, but all possible kinds of frauds, extortion, scams and various parasitical activities that drain the taxpayer’s money, which thoroughly affects all social layers. They are illegally crossing the border, which is a violation to begin with – not to mention that after crossing the border illegally, they immediately turn into welfare leeches and welfare abusers, also many of them engage in heinous criminal activities.

Be that as it may, nobody likes being robbed of their hard-earned money only to find out it was transferred to a bunch of freeloaders who do not want any responsibility or to break a sweat, but do expect to get money, who expect government handouts and freebies and if they do not get what they want, they riot and case hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions in property damage.

Therefore, illegal immigrants should be most definitely cut off and denied from receiving government assistance and welfare, since it hurts the entire system and it simply cannot endure paying and giving out much more than it receives in the first place.