All the iPhone X’s Face ID secrets were just revealed

Face ID is one of the two signature features of the iPhone X, with the other one being the all-screen design. The device’s new facial recognition feature is powered by a miniaturized Kinect camera and sensor setup, and should be able to perform the same features as Touch ID. In fact, Apple says it’s an

Which Android phone does Bill Gates use?

Believe it or not  the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has reportedly put his Windows phone aside in favor of an Android device According to the most recent statistics, Windows-powered phones managed to round up only 0.3 percent of the market, and among that minuscule number of people was, of course, Bill Gates, the co-founder

Twitter has started testing the Lite version of its Android app

Twitter has started testing the Lite version of its Android app that’s aimed at emerging markets. As confirmed to TechCrunch, Twitter Lite is currently only available in the Philippines, with the company still evaluating whether or not to release it in other markets in the near future. Twitter Lite has a lot of the same

iPhone X’s new feature might come to every new iPhone next year

Apple’s 2017 iPhone lineup is particularly interesting because it features devices with completely different authentication schemes. Whereas the iPhone 8 features the venerable home button and Touch ID, Apple’s flagship iPhone X features an edgeless display with no home button, and by extension, no Touch ID functionality. Instead, the iPhone X features a brands new